Silent Auction








A Few Silent Auction Tips

Having Multiple Sections
Having multiple sections can add to the momentum of your silent   However, always save the best for last . Sort your items on your tables by value and have the value increase by each section.  The last section should have your highest value. Make sure the guest have something to fight over…more bidding makes more money for your charity
Organize Your Sections
Make them easily identifiable to the guest.  Mark with colors or signs.  Make sure it is clear for the guests so they know which section is closing when.  Highlight your sections and make sure that from anywhere in the room your guests can identify them.
Draw Attention to Your Silent
It is your auctioneer’s/MC job to draw attention to your silent. Many guests intend on bidding on an item but get distracted mingling.  Have your auctioneer remind guest to keep bidding.  They can bring fun and attention to a silent auction by participating and featuring items and engaging the crowd throughout the silent.
Sound System
Having a good sound system is imperative to any auction.  I have seen auctions suffer as a result of a poor sound system.  A good auction is lively and fun and being able to hear your auctioneer or MC makes all the difference in your event and can affect your bottom line. You want your guest to be able to hear what is happening in the room through out the night.  Having a good sound system will give your auctioneer or MC the ability to work the crowd and keep the guest engaged in the silent.
Bid Sheets
I recommend triplicate forms. A pink one for the guest to be able to view the winning bid on the table, a white one for data entry and a yellow one for filing in the winning bidders file.  It is important to have the bid increments clear and with a guaranteed value and no name on a bid sheet.  Often times someone will see a name on a bid sheet and recognize that is their friend and may be hesitant to bid against them.  The goal is to raise money for your organization…it is all in the name of fun competition and the goal is about charity. So keep your eye on the prize.  Highest bidder wins!
Attractive Display
Make sure your items display descriptions are clear and concise.  Your guest want to know what they are bidding on and what is included.  Clearly any indicate restrictions and details about the item.  If you are putting together a basket put together a beautiful presentation and make sure it is labeled with what is included for example if you have $300 coffee basket and although it make look beautiful no one can really tell that there is $100 worth of gift cards included, you will want to highlight this.  Many times people hesitate bidding up on something if they aren’t really clear what is in it.