Computerized Guest Registration, Data Item Entry, and Check Out

Let our team of professionals take the pressure off you and your team so you may enjoy your gala while your guests move quickly and smoothly through the check in registration and the check out cashiering processes. We can help eliminate the checkout crunch and have your guests leave the event as happy as they were when they arrived. We will bring an appropriate number of computers, printers and staff to minimize lines during your event.

Services include:

  • Coordinating all registration
  • Data entry of all bids
  • Cross checking of data entered
  • Filing of certificates to winning bidder
  • Check-out and cashiering

We specialize in using the Greater Giving™ software.

Additional Night of Auction Services

We can manage all your night of auction logistics including:

  • Closing silent auction tables
  • Managing your special events
  • Live auction recording

Event Coordinator
Let us provide you with a professional to assist with the planning of your event.  We meet with your organization and evaluate your needs and help you through out the event process.  An Event Coordinator can assist you in a multitude of ways:

  • Planning and implementing new ideas
  • Training of volunteers in many areas
  • Being a resource for volunteers and committee members in all aspects of your event
  • Oversee night of event
  • Help with the organization of the live and silent auctions
  • Help with packaging of items
  • Help coordinate a volunteer plan and brainstorm ideas on recruiting help

Plus so much more…we can provide as little or as much as you need.  Our goal will work side-by-side with your team to make your event a success!!

Auction Consulting and Planning
Whether you are planning your first benefit auction or your tenth, we can offer you guidance. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to make your event run smoothly, and increase your bottom line.  We can meet with you and assist with a variety of topics including:

  • Planning and event timelines
  • Creation of procurement and sponsorship letter/packages
  • Guest development
  • Item acquisition and auction package development
  • Silent auction logistics
  • The live auction
  • Data item entry for items, attendees into your software
  • Software training for certain software packages
  • Training and motivation of volunteers
  • Overseeing venue logistics
  • Revenue enhancers
  • Plus many other aspects of your event
Event Night Manager

Do you need someone to assist you with your auction and help you with the success of the night of your event.  We can provide an Event Manager to come and train and work with your volunteers with check-in, check-out and data item entry. The Event Manager can also help assist with secured check out, your live volunteers and trouble shoot issues as they arise.  This is an invaluable option to organizations who need someone to help them make their event run more smoothly.

Data Entry Specialist

We can provide a person to work with you organization to help you with the data entry of all items, attendees, and donors.  We can help take the headache out of this process by creating timelines and working in your software to enter your data so that your team can focus on other aspects of your event.

Post Event Wrap Up Consultation

This is an incredibly useful tool for evaluating all of the details after your auction. Save your time and energy while we double-check the data entry from the evening of your event. We will create analysis reports to give to you so you can see a complete picture of the results of your event  At our wrap meeting we will go over your auction and discuss ways to improve your future events!

Auction Displays and Supplies
Save some time and let us assist you by creating some of your event supplies and signage.  For example….

  • Silent & Live Displays
  • Bid Cards & Bid Sheets
  • Auction Catalogue
  • Sponsor and Event Signage

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