The Bella Notte Team







The Bella Notte Team

I have always loved auctions since I was young attending auctions with my mom.    I have done just about every job at an auction at one time or another.  I have sold raffle tickets, closed tables, coordinated volunteered, chaired auctions, procured, you name it I have been a part of it in some way at some time.  I love working with non-profits and charities.  It is work from the heart and it is great to have the opportunity to be part of organizations that are making a difference.  My goal is to be there to help take the pressure off by supporting you and your team by taking care of your event night services, helping with volunteers or to work with your organization before to help you plan and execute a successful event!

The Bella Notte Team….I know I am partial but I have an amazing team.  They are an incredible group of people who do a fabulous job!  They give their all at the events and are wonderful to work with!   We love what we do and I believe that shows in our work.

We hope to work with you on your upcoming event!

Let us help make your event a Beautiful Night!

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